Toosii Explains His 'Social Media Break', Touring With Rod Wave & More


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Toosii has provided an update on his previous decision to take a break from social media after he dropped his "Last Song."

On Friday, October 7, the "Love Is..." rapper paid a visit to The Breakfast Club after he released his brand new EP Boys Don't Cry. After discussing the meaning of the project's title, Toosii explained what he was going through when he went on Instagram Live and revealed how imperfect his relationship was. He elaborated on his feelings in his "Last Song" posted to YouTube and went on a break from social media. Two days later, he returned without incident.

"Hell nah I didn't take no -- what?," Toosii responded to Angela Yee when she asked about the break. "I won't even lie one thing about it though. Man I swear I done gave up on everything in life like sports, schools, relationships, just.. I wouldn't say that I been a quitter, but I been a quitter. Music is something I could never quit or give up."

Elsewhere in the conversation, the 22-year-old spoke about his upcoming tour with Rod Wave and Mariah The Scientist. In his opinion, Toosii believes it might be the "saddest tour" ever due to the emotional subject matter of all three artists' catalogs.

"It's probably going to be the f**king saddest tour," Toosii explained. "Because I seen the comments and they're like 'Yo I'mma be crying'. I think people enjoy being sad nowadays. I don't know why. When I started seeing the tweets, I sat and started diving into the music so I can see what the hell really going on. F**king Mariah The Scientist got "Spread Thin" and shit like that then you go into Rod Wave catalog and he got everything. Then I started diving into my own shit and I was like 'Damn this s**t finna be sad. Somebody gotta come out and turn this s**t up.'"

Listen to Toosii's entire interview with The Breakfast Club up top.

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